Daily Huddle Report  

The Daily Huddle Report displays daily practice details for production, collections, case acceptance, new patients, and scheduling. Use this report during your office's morning staff meetings to provide some daily statistics to help you focus on the patients coming in for treatment on the current day and/or the following day.

Dentrix provides you with the following tools for running, interpreting, and viewing reports:

·        Running the Daily Huddle Report - Provides instructions for running the Daily Huddle Report.

·        Production - Shows the statistics for scheduled production.

·        Collections - Shows the statistics for collections.

·        Case Acceptance - Shows the statistics for case diagnosis and acceptance.

·        New Patients - Shows the statistics for new patients scheduled to be seen.

·        Scheduling - Shows the statistics for scheduling appointments.

·        Dentist detail - Shows the statistics for production, new patients, and/or scheduling for each dentist on the report.

·        Hygienist detail - Shows the statistics for production and/or scheduling for each hygienist on the report.

·        Scheduled Patients Summary - Shows the specified statistics for each scheduled patient on the report in a simple grid format.

·        Scheduled Patients List - Shows the appointment information for each scheduled patient on the report under certain categories.

·        Scheduled Patients Phone List - Shows a phone list for all scheduled patients on the report.

·        Route slips - Provides instruction on printing route slips along with the Daily Huddle Report.

·        Viewing reports generated previously - Provides instructions on how to view reports that have already been generated.