Creating letters

Dentrix comes complete with pre-defined letter templates in several categories that you can use and/or modify in conjunction with your patient database. You can use these templates to create a variety of letters, labels, or cards automatically. You can also customize these templates using Microsoft Word. In addition, you can produce your own letters and add them to any category for future use.

Dentrix also includes the List Manager module from which you can review the list of patients generated from the criteria you have set and select any you do not want to send a letter or card to. For example, you may not want to print a letter for any patients you don't have a complete address for or who live at the same address as another patient on the list. You can also print the list.

Note: Because the List Manager allows you to review the lists of patients you generate and restrict who receives letters and other correspondence, we recommend that you create your letters, cards, and labels using the List Manager.

Important: This documentation assumes that you have a legally licensed version of Microsoft Word and are familiar with its use and merge functions. For information on supported versions of Microsoft Word, please refer to the current Dentrix System Requirements document available in the Dentrix Resource Center.

To create a letter

1.   In the Office Manager, click Letters and Custom Lists.

The Letters & Lists dialog box appears.

2.   Click the button corresponding to the type of letter you want to create:

·        Birthday - Birthday letters for patients within a range of birth dates.

·        Continuing Care - Continuing care (recall) notices to patients within a date range of Continuing Care appointments.

·        Referral - Referral letters to anyone who has referred or to whom you are referring patients.

·        Collection - Collection notices to patients within a date range of when payments have been made.

·        Inactive Patient - Notices to patients within a date range of Last Visit dates.

·        Welcome - Welcome letters to patients within a date range of First Visit dates.

·        Misc - Any letter that you want to selectively send to patients in your database.

A dialog box appears, listing the letter templates for the category you selected.

3.   From the list, select the template for the letter that you want to create.

Note: Depending on the type of letter you choose, you may need to set a date range. To set a date range, click the date range search button and specify the beginning and ending dates for the range. You can leave any date field blank to set an open-ended range.

If you are setting a birth date range and want to create letters for every patient born between the years January 1, 1980 and January 31, 2014, set those dates and then select Search as a Date Range. If, however, you want to create a birthday letter for a patient born in the month of January between January 1, 1980 and January 31, 2014, set those dates and DO NOT select Search as a Date Range.

4.   To create the letters immediately without opening the List Manager, click Create Letters.

Microsoft Word launches and Dentrix generates the letters.

Note: To learn how to create your letters using the List Manager, click Creating letters using the List Manager.

5.  Print the letters and close Word. When prompted to save changes, click Don't Save.

Note: If you click Save, you will save the patient’s name and the letter's date in the letter template rendering the template unusable. To save a copy of the letter, click Cancel, and save the letter with another name.