Editing procedure code notes

You can add a progress and a recommendation note at any time to a procedure.

Editing a procedure code note

1.   In the Office Manager, click Maintenance, point to Practice Setup, and then click Procedure Code Setup.

The Procedures Code Setup dialog box appears.

2.   Select a procedure code category and code from their respective lists, and then click Edit.

The Procedure Code Editor dialog box appears.

3.   Click Edit Note.

The Edit Procedure Code Notes dialog box appears.

4.   Do one of the following:

·        Type a new or edit the existing progress note in the Procedure Code Progress Note text box.

·        Click Procedure Notes, select the note or notes that you want, and then click OK.

5.   Select one of the following options:

·        Copy to Procedure Note - Copies the progress note to the patient's procedure note whenever you post a procedure complete. Selected automatically when you enter a progress note.

·        Copy to Clinical Note - Copies the progress note to the patient's clinical note whenever you post a procedure complete.

·        Do Not Copy - Prevents the progress note from being copied whenever you post a procedure complete.

Note: You can also add procedure code progress notes to conditions. Procedure code notes are not included with Dentrix procedures.

6.   Type a recommendation note in the Recommendation Note text box.

·        Click the spell check button to perform a spell check of the note.

·        Select Print Note on Walkout to print the recommendation note on the patient's walkout statement.

·        Click the Recommendation Documents search button to attach any recommendation documents to a procedure.

·        Select the document or documents you want to attach.

·        Click OK.


·        You can attach recommendation documents to a procedure code and print them on a patient's walkout statement.

·        Recommendation documents must be Word documents and are located in the Dentrix letters folder; however, they are not merge letters. When you attach them to a procedure, Dentrix encloses each recommendation document's name in double brackets (<<name>>) in the Recommendation Note text box following the note text.

7.   To complete the process for adding or editing ADA-CDT dental codes, click Adding ADA-CDT dental codes or Editing ADA-CDT dental codes, respectively.