Setting up insurance write-off adjustment types  

Using Dentrix, you can set up default insurance write-off and refund adjustment types, enable automatic adjustments for insurance payments, and post refund adjustments automatically instead of entering negative insurance payment amounts. Additionally, you can adjust insurance payments, post refund adjustments, and create secondary insurance claims automatically whenever primary claim payments are made.

To set up a default insurance write-off adjustment type

1.   In the Ledger, click File, and then click Insurance Payment Setup.

The Insurance Payment Setup dialog box appears.

2.   Under Insurance Adjustment Setup, click the Default Insurance Write-Off Adjustment Type (-) search button.

The Select Adjustment Type dialog box appears.

3.   Select the write-off adjustment type that you want to use, and then click OK.

The Insurance Payment Setup dialog box appears with the adjustment type you selected.

4.   Click OK.