Sending attachments electronically  

In some cases, you may need to send an attachment electronically. With the Ledger, you can attach documents, images, and even patient periodontal exams to claims and pre-authorizations and send them electronically. You can import these attachments from the Document Center, the Perio Chart, your imaging software, or a text file.

To send an attachment electronically

1.   Double-click an insurance claim in the transaction log.

The Primary Dental Insurance Claim window appears.

2.   Double-click Claim Information.

The Insurance Claim Information dialog box appears.

3.   Under Attachments, select the type or types of attachments that you want to include with the claim:

·        Radiograph(s) Enclosed - Type or select the number of radiographs.

·        Oral Image(s) Enclosed - Type or select the number of oral images.

·        Model(s) Enclosed - Type or select the number of models.

·        Other Attachments - Type or select the number of attachments.

4.   Type the Insurance Ref #, if applicable.

5.   Click Include Attachment(s).

The Include Attachments dialog box appears.

6.   Do one of the following:

·        Document Center – Click to attach a document from the Document Center.

·        Screen Capture – Click to attach an image from your computer screen.

·        File Acquire – Click to attach a file.

·        Dexis – Click to attach an image, such as an X-ray.

·        Perio – Click to attach a patient's periodontal exam.

·        Non-Electronic – Click to attach a file to a non-electronic claim.

·        Clinical Notes - Click to attach a clinical note.