Changing the status of claims

The Insurance Claim Status block displays the dates the claim was created, sent, traced, placed on hold, and/or re-sent. You can also enter notes regarding the status of the claim.

To change the claim status

1.   In the Ledger transaction log, double-click an insurance claim or payment or a pre-authorization estimate.

The Insurance Claim or Preauthorization Estimate window appears.

2.   Double-click the Status block.

The Insurance Claim Status dialog box appears.

3.   If appropriate, type a new date in the Create Date text box.

When you create a claim, the creation date default is the current date, but you can change the date.

4.   You can set the following statuses:

·        Claim Sent - When the claim is sent, the status is automatically flagged as Sent, and the Sent Date defaults to the current date. When the claim is received, the status is automatically flagged as Received, and the date defaults to the date of the payment or estimate. You can change the date if necessary.

Note: When the claim is listed in the Ledger, the status of Not Sent, or Sent and the associated date will be displayed according to what is set here. The status and date for Received depends on the information entered for the total payment or estimate.

·        Tracer Sent - Select if you attempted to track the claim and enter the appropriate date.

·        On Hold - Select if the claim is on hold and enter the appropriate date.

·        Re-sent - Select if the claim was resubmitted and enter the appropriate date.

·        Voided - Select if the claim has a voided status and enter the appropriate date. If you send the claim electronically, the voided status is the claim submission reason code.

5.   Type a Claim Status Note in the text box. As necessary, do one or more of the following:

·        Click Insert Dateline to add a date to the text.

·        Click Clear to clear the notes.

·        Click the spell check button to check the spelling of the note text.

6.   Click OK to save the changes to the claim status.