Creating lab cases

After setting up the Lab Case Manager, you are ready to create lab cases for patients. To learn more about lab cases, click the following links:

·        Editing lab cases

·        Viewing lab case information

·        Deleting lab cases

·        Receiving lab cases

·        Finishing lab cases

·        Returning lab cases

·        Attaching appointments to lab cases

·        Viewing appointments attached to lab cases

·        Contacting patients

·        Printing case prescriptions

·        Printing the Lab Case Manager List

To create a new lab case

1.   In the Lab Case Manager, click Edit, and then click New Case.

The Select Patient dialog box appears. 

2.   Select a patient, and then click OK.

The New Case dialog box appears.

2.   Do one or more of the following as appropriate:

·        Case Information -

·        Create Date - Change the default date.

·        Provider - Click the search button to change the default provider.

·        Category - Select the lab treatment category that you want to assign this case.

·        Case Note - Type a note for the case, or click Custom Notes and select a custom case note. Click Insert Dateline to insert the current date. Click the spell check button to check the spelling of the note text. To add a new line of text, press Ctrl + Enter.

·        Enclosures - Select the appropriate enclosures from the list.

·        Send Information - Select the lab, shipping method, and sent date. Type the tracking number and shipping cost. Select the following as appropriate:

·        Try-in - If this is a "try-in" lab case.

·        Emergency - If this is an emergency lab case.

·        Call Doctor - If it is necessary to call the doctor regarding the lab case.

·        Information From Lab - Type the case number and select the date that you expect to receive the case from the lab. If the lab is an internet lab, Dentrix enters the case number automatically.

·        Next Lab Appointment Information - Click Change Appt if the patient has more than one appointment, and then select the appointment appropriate to the lab case.

·        Close Options - Select Print Case or Send Online.

3.   To add a procedure, click the Procedure Information search button.

The Treatment Plan dialog box appears.

4.   Click New Tx.

The Enter Procedure(s) dialog box appears.

5.   Add the appropriate procedure code, and then click OK/Post.

6.   Select the procedure from the list in the Treatment Plan dialog box, and then click OK.

7.   To assign a shade, click Shades. From the Shade Information dialog box, do the following:

·        To attach a shade to one of three parts of a tooth, click the desired part of the tooth, select a shade guide and color, and then click OK. Repeat these steps for any other teeth.

·        To remove a shade from a tooth, click the desired part of the tooth, select the shade, and then click Clear Selection.

·        Click OK when you are finished assigning shades.

8.   To close the New Case dialog box, click OK.

The new lab case is saved.