Adding patient reported medications

Using Health History, you can record and track your patients' medications, so you might have a more complete understanding of your patients' overall health and to avoid, for example, the possibility of prescribing a contraindicated medication.

To add a patient reported medication to a patient

1.   In any module except the Office Journal and eDex, click File, point to Switch To, and then click Health History.

The Health History window appears.

2.   If necessary, click the Select Patient toolbar button and select the patient you want to add a medication to.

3.   Click the Add toolbar button, and then click Medication.

The Add Medication dialog box appears.

4.   As necessary, complete the following tasks:

·        Reported Date – Defaults to the current date. We recommend that you do not change this date.

·        Start Date – Defaults to the current date. The date the patient started taking the medication. You can change the date by typing it or by clicking the button and selecting it from the calendar.

·        Inactivated Date – Enter or select the date the patient stopped taking the medication. You can set a future date to automatically inactivate the medication.

·        Show as Critical – Select to have the medication appear as critical in the Health History window and all other Dentrix modules with the Health History toolbar button. (Button is red.)

·        Display Pop-up Alert for this Patient – Select to have an alert appear when you create a new appointment, open the Family File, and so on for the patient.

·        Note – Type a note concerning the medication the patient is taking.

5.   To add a medication, click the Medication search button.

The Select Medication/Prescription dialog box appears.

6.   Select the appropriate medication or prescription from the list and click OK.

Note: To add a medication to the list, click the Setup button.