Capturing patient pictures from a device 

If you have a digital device, such as a camera or scanner, you can capture a patient image from that device to your computer. You must set up these devices in Microsoft Windows before you can use them with Patient Picture.

To capture a patient's picture from a device

1.   Select a patient.

2.   In the Family File, click File, point to Switch To, and then click Patient Picture.

The Patient Picture window appears.

3.   In the toolbar, click the Acquire From Device button, and then in the sub-menu, click the device that you are using to capture patient images.

The WIA dialog box appears with options specific to the device you selected and the version of Microsoft Windows that you are running.

4.   Capture or scan the image and close the WIA dialog box.

The image appears in the Patient Picture window.

5.   To save the image, in the toolbar, click the Save button, and then click Yes.