Adjusting image properties

In the Patient Picture window you can sharpen an image or alter its color, brightness, contrast, and saturation to improve the quality of the image. For example, if you took a picture of a patient under fluorescent lighting, the image may have a blueish tint. Using the Patient Picture window, you can add another color to compensate for the blueish tint.

To adjust an image's properties

1.   Select a patient.

2.   In the Family File, click File, point to Switch To, and then click Patient Picture.

The Patient Picture window appears.

3.   In the toolbar, click the Image Adjustments button.

The Image Adjustments dialog box appears.

Note: The Original Image area displays the image before you made any changes. The Modified Image area displays the effects of the changes you made to the image.

4.   Use the slider bar to adjust the effect of the changes to the image. For finer changes, move the slider toward Fine. For more pronounced changes, move the slider toward Coarse.

5.   Click the sample images in the Modify Image area to increase or decrease contrast and color saturation, make the image lighter or darker, and/or to increase the amount of green, magenta, cyan, red, yellow, or blue.

6.   Click OK, and then in the toolbar, click the Save button to save any changes you made to the image.