Assigning insurance to non-subscribers

You can assign insurance information to the insurance subscribers and the non-subscribers in the family. When you are assigning insurance to patients who are not insurance subscribers, there are two rules to remember:

·        Insurance must be assigned to the subscriber before you can assign that insurance to another patient covered by the subscriber

·        Insurance subscribers must be part of the same family as the patient you are assigning the insurance to.

To assign insurance to a non-subscriber

1.   In the Family File, select a patient.

2.   Double-click the Insurance Information block.

The Insurance Information dialog box appears with the Dental Insurance tab selected . Both the primary and secondary insurance information are displayed.

Note: To enter medical insurance instead of dental insurance, click the Medical Insurance tab.

3.   Click the Subscriber search button.

A list of all subscribers and their insurances appear.

4.   Select the desired subscriber, and then click OK.

All fields in the Insurance Information dialog box automatically show the subscriber’s insurance information.

5.   Verify that the Relation to Subscriber is correct.

6.   Click OK.

Note: Click the Insurance Data and Benefits/Coverage buttons to reference and record additional insurance information.