Adding referrals from outside sources 

In the Family File, you can add, analyze, review, and edit information about who referred a patient to your practice. Dentrix provides you with two types of referrals: Patient and Doctor/Other.

To add a referral from an outside source

1.   With a patient selected in the Family File window, double-click the Referred By block.

The Patient Referrals dialog box appears.


2.   Under Referred By, click Add Referral.

The Select Referral Type dialog box appears.

3.   Select Doctor/Other and click OK.

The Select Referred By dialog box appears.

4.   Do one of the following, and then click OK:

·        Select the referring doctor or referral type from the list.

·        Type the first three or four letters of the doctor's or other referral's name in the Enter Name field, and then click the search button to display only the names that begin with those letters.

The referral source is listed in the Dentrix Patient Referrals dialog box for the patient.

Note: If the referral source is not listed, click New. If you later need to view or edit information about the referral source, click Edit. The Referred By Information dialog box shows the name, address, and phone number of the referral source. Click Edit to change any previous information about the referral source.

5.   To see more detailed information this referral source, in the Patient Referrals dialog box, click Analysis.

The Referral Analysis dialog box appears.

Note: The number of total referrals made from this source is listed in the Total Referrals Made field. In the Referral Date Span list, you can change the date span for referrals that are shown in the list. (All patients who have been referred by the referral source within the date span are listed.) In the Production Date Span list, you can change the total production date span. The Listed Referrals field indicates the number of total referrals that are currently shown.

6.   To record a gratuity, click New Gratuity.

The New Gratuity dialog box appears.

7.   To view an analysis of the gratuities given to a referral source, click Gratuity Analysis.

The Gratuity Analysis dialog box appears.

Note: To edit a gratuity, select it, and click Edit. To delete a gratuity, select it, and click Delete.

8.   In the Referral Analysis dialog box, do one or more of the following:

·        Notes �" Click to enter a note regarding the referral source. Click the spell check button to check the spelling of the note text.

·        Send Message �" Click to send the referral source an email message. (The referral source's email address must be entered in the Family File.)

9.   Click OK, and then click Close.

Note: You can also send correspondence to a referral and clear referral information from the Patient Referrals dialog box.