Entering or editing patient notes      

You can enter or edit patient notes in the Family File. Patient notes are generally used for patient profile or personal information, such as hobbies, interests, family details, recent vacations, and so forth. Patient notes are only viewable while working in the Family File, but they do print on the Dentrix Route Slip and Patient Notes Report.

To enter or edit a patient's notes

1.   In the Family File, select a patient.

2.   Double-click the Patient Notes block in the Family File.

The Patient Note dialog box appears.

3.   To insert the current date, click Insert Dateline.

4.   Type the patient's hobbies, interests, financial arrangements or any other notes useful to your practice. Click the ABC button to check the spelling of the note text.

Note: The note size is limited to 4,000 characters.

5.   To delete all of the patient notes for one patient, click Clear.

Tip: The notes are not deleted until you click OK, so if you click Clear accidentally, you can restore the notes by clicking Cancel.

6.   Click OK when you have finished entering notes.