Setting billing types      

In Dentrix, each family account is assigned a billing type. By using billing types, you can target specific groups when applying finance charges, processing bills, and printing reports. Dentrix comes with the following default billing types:

1: Standard Billing - finance charges

2: Standard Billing - no finance charges

3: No Insurance

4: Insurance Family - Dual Insurance

5: Insurance Family - finance charges

6: Payment Plan - finance charges

7: Payment Plan - no finance charges

8: Bad Debt - at risk

9: Bad Debt - to collections

10: No Statement and No Finance Charges

If one of these default billing types does not meet your needs, you can create a custom billing type.

Note: You can have up to a total of 99 Billing Types.

After you have added a new family, you'll want to specify a billing type to be used for billing with that family.

Note: When you specify or change a billing type for any member of the family, the billing type is automatically updated for all members of that family.

To set the billing type for a family

1.   Select a patient in the Family File.

2.   In the Family File window, double-click the Balance and Payment block.

The Billing/Payment Agreement Information dialog box appears.

3.   In the Billing Type list, select the billing type you will use when billing this family.

4.   Click OK.