Adding family members

After you have added a new family and all the account information related to the head of household, you can add other family members.

Note: You cannot add more than 18 family members to a family.

To add family members

1.   Select the head of household you want to add family members to.

2.   Click File, and then click Add New Family Member.

The Patient Information dialog box appears.


·        If a family member has a different address, change the address in that family member’s patient information. When an address that you saved for more than one family member changes, the Address Changed dialog box appears when you click OK.

·        If you click the Address search button, the Select from Family Addresses list box appears. This lists every address that you entered for a member of the family. Select the appropriate address from this list for each family member.

3.   Type or select the appropriate information for the family member you want to add.

Note: For an explanation of the various fields in the Patient Information dialog box, see Adding new family accounts.

4.   Click OK.