Renaming document types

You can rename or change document types to names that more accurately reflect your business.

To rename a document type

1.   In the Document Center, click Setup, and then click Document Types.

The Document Types Setup dialog box appears.

2.   Select the document type that you want to rename, and then click Edit Selected Document Type .

The Update [Description] Document Type dialog box appears.

Note: If the document type that you want to rename is assigned to a signed document, you cannot rename the document type. Renaming the document type would change the document information for the signed document, making the signature invalid.

3.   Type a new name for the document type, and then from the Default Claim Attachment Type list, select an attachment type.

If the document type is not assigned to any documents, the new description remains in the Description list. If the document type is assigned to documents, a message appears.  

4.   To change the type, click OK.