Modifying document attachments

You can attach one document to multiple sources.

To modify the sources attached to a specific document

1.   In the Document Tree, select the document that you want to modify attachments for.

2.   In the Document Center, click Edit, and then click Modify Document Attachments.

The Modify Document Attachments dialog box appears.


Note: You can attach the document to a Patient, Provider/Staff, Employer, Dental Insurance Plan , Medical Insurance Plan , Referred BY, and/or a Referred TO source.

3.   To attach the document, click the Search button next to a source such as Provider/Staff.

The Select [Source] dialog box appears.

4.   Make your selection from the Select [source] dialog box, and then click OK.

The attachments you select are listed under Document Attachments.

5.   To remove an attachment from the Modify Document Attachments dialog box, select the source you are removing the document from under Document Attachment, and then click Remove Attachment.

The source is removed from the Document Attachment list.

6.   To view the signatures applied to the document, click Document Signatures.

The Document Signatures dialog box appears.

7.   To view the signatures, move up or down the signature list, and then click Close.

8.   To save your changes, click Close.