Acquiring screen captures      

You can use the Screen Capture feature to select an area of your computer screen and capture it. You can capture and save the image in the Document Center and then attach it automatically to an insurance claim.

To acquire a screen capture

1.   In the Document Center, click Acquire, and then click Screen Capture.

The Screen Capture dialog box appears.

2.   To set up the default settings for screen captures, click Setup Defaults.

The Setup Acquisition Method Defaults dialog box appears.

a.   Under Select Acquisition Method, select Screen Capture.

b.   Select a document type from the list.

c.   Select an orientation from the list, and click Save and Close.

3.   To capture a screen, click Start Capture.

4.   Position your mouse pointer where you want to start the capture and drag to capture the image.

When you release the mouse button, the Document Center opens, and the image you captured appears in it.