Viewing chart notations

In the Patient Chart, you can make notations directly on a patient's chart. Notations appear in the color and pen you select, and you can view or hide them at any time.


·        If you enabled passwords, users must have rights to "Chart Notation, View" and "Chart Notation, Add/Edit" in order to view or chart notations.

·        Each time you select a new patient the Edit Notation and View Notation options are cleared.

·        The Dentrix Notations toolbar does not appear when you are viewing notations.

To view notations

1.   Select a patient.

2.   In the Patient Chart, click Options, point to Chart Notations, and then do one of the following:

·        To always view notations, click Always View Notations.

·        To view notations without editing them, click View Notations.