Customizing Patient Chart colors

You can customize the colors you use to display various elements in the Patient Chart. Chart colors are workstation specific, meaning that different computers on the network can have their own colors. The changes you make remain in effect even after you close and reopen the Patient Chart.

To customize the Patient Chart's colors

1.   In the Patient Chart, click Setup, and then click Chart Display Setup.

The Chart Display Setup dialog box appears.

2.   Select one of the following themes for the Graphic Chart from the Themes list.

·       Blue Haven [Default]

·       Blue Sky

·       Classic Chart

·       Parchment

·       Seashore

·       Silver Bells

·       Snow Day

·       Steel Monkey

·       Windows Standard

3.   Under Paint Colors, select a color for each treatment status from the appropriate list:

·        Treatment Plan - Default is red.

·        Completed Work - Default is blue.

·        Existing - Default is Dodger blue.

·        Existing Other - Default is green.

·        Conditions/Diagnoses - Default is black.

4.   To change the color of the text of your Progress Notes from black, select Use Paint Colors for Progress Notes.

The color of the text changes to correspond with the treatment status paint colors.

5.   To save a custom theme, click Save Theme.

The Save Theme dialog box appears.

6.   Under Theme Name, type the name of the custom theme, and then click OK twice.

The name appears in the Themes list in the Chart Display Setup dialog box.

7.   To delete or rename a custom theme, select it from the Themes list, and then click Manage Themes.

The Manage Saved Themes dialog box appears.

8.   To delete or rename a theme, select a theme in the Themes List, and then do one of the following:

·        Click Delete, click Yes to confirm the deletion, and then click Close.

·        Click Rename, type a new name, and then click Close.