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Dentrix New Features

Click the links below to watch videos about selected new features in recent Dentrix updates.

Download the Dentrix G7 Release Guide and the Dentrix G6 Release Guide to get the full list of features and bug fixes included in each update.

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Dentrix G7.5

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Video: Close Month

Article: Month End Options in One Click! The New Month End Window

Video: Task Scheduler

Video: Insurance Improvements

Tip: Understanding the Treatment Plan Estimate

Video: Perio Exam Information

Tip: Opening the Office on a Previously Closed Day

Tip: Adding ADA Codes to Ledger Printouts

Dentrix G7.4

Video: Insurance Improvements

Video: QuickBill Email

Video: Inactivate Provider

Video: Edit Family Relations

On-demand Webinar: Dentrix G7.4 New Features

Dentrix G7.3

Allocate Credit Balances

Automatic eClaims Attachments

Archive Patient Wizard

Dentrix G7.2

Health History

Dentrix G7.1

Health History

CareCredit Integration

Dentrix G7

Health History


Smart Image

Dentrix G6.6

Dentrix Pay

Fill Appointment

Dentrix G6.5

Month End Task Scheduler

Appointment List

Dentrix G6.4

Payment Agreement Manager

Credit Card Payment Option

Dentrix G6.0

Medical Alert Improvements

Appointment Book Enhancements

Automatically Add Documents to the Document Center

Close Claims without Assignment of Benefits

Ledger Enhancements/Split Payments by Family Member

Store Contacts Electronically in eDex

Create Custom Lists in the List Manager