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Dentrix G7.3 New Feature Overview

Watch the videos below to learn about selected new features in Dentrix G7.3. View more feature overview videos from recent releases.

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Allocate Credit Balances

View and adjust individual family member and family account balances by provider, without the need to change views in the Ledger. Transfer patient/provider balances within a family without affecting the aging of the account. Transfer balances from archived patients and inactive providers with the click of a button. Use the Provider Credit Balances Manager to identify accounts that have provider imbalances, without requiring you to look at several Ledgers or pour over an Aging Report.

Duration: 3:08

Automatic eClaims Attachments

Let Dentrix save you time and potential mistakes by examining the procedures for an insurance claim, identifying attachment requirements for the intended payor, finding the needed attachments, and attaching them to the claim. Add a required Dentrix Clinical Note as an attachment directly to a claim. Preview any attachment in Dentrix. Integration available with Dentrix Smart Image vendors.

Duration 2:22

Archive Patient Wizard

Get information about patient provider balances and other information that will change when archiving a patient.

Duration 1:36