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Dentrix G7 New Feature Overview

Watch the videos below to learn about selected new features in Dentrix G7. View more feature overview videos from recent releases.

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Health History

A Health History button replaces the Medical Alerts button. Divide Medical Alerts into Allergies and Medical Conditions. Add as many Allergies and Medical Conditions as needed (not limited to 64). Choose which Allergies and Conditions to include on the questionnaire form. Continue to track inactive Allergies or Conditions as needed in Medical Alert history.

Duration: 1:40


Password improvements include enhancing the complexity requirements, automatic resets, and immediate system-wide password resets anytime as needed. Users can now reset forgotten passwords by correctly answering security questions.

Duration 2:04

Dentrix Smart Image

Dentrix now offers smart integration between imaging software platforms and the Patient Chart.

Duration: 2:31