Dentrix Enterprise

Ordering procedures by visit

Sometimes a course of treatment requires multiple visits. For example, a patient could have a root canal performed and a temporary crown placed on the first visit and then the final crown seated on another visit. When more than one visit is required to complete a treatment plan case, you can organize the procedures in that case into visits, so you know which procedures will be done in each visit.

Note: Dentrix Enterprise bases insurance estimates for treatment cases on the assigned visits. Dentrix Enterprise assumes that the procedures in visit 1 will be covered by insurance first, and then the procedures in visit 2, and so forth. If patients meet their maximum in visit 3, Dentrix Enterprise assumes that the procedures in visit 4 will not be covered by insurance. So insurance estimates may vary depending on how you arrange procedures within visits.

To order procedures by visit

1.   In the Treatment Planner, in the Treatment Plan Case Setup section on the Navigation panel, double-click the case for which you want to add visits to view the corresponding procedures.

2.   Select the procedures that will be completed in one visit.

3.   Right-click one of the selected procedures, and then click Create Visit to create the first visit and move the procedures to that visit.

The visit number is displayed next to the procedures.

4.   Repeat steps 2 - 3 for all subsequent visits.

As visits are created, the number of the visit increases (1,2,3, and so forth).

Note: You can delete a visit number that has been assigned to a procedure by selecting that procedure and then clicking the Delete Visit button .