Dentrix Enterprise

Viewing and updating the case status history

As a case is created and modified, the Treatment Planner tracks the changes in status and provides a way for you to view those changes. After reviewing the status history of a case, you can update the case status.

To view and/or update the status history of a case

1.   In the Treatment Planner, in the Treatment Plan Case Setup section on the Navigation panel, select a treatment plan case.

2.   Click the Case Status History button to view the case status history options.

The Case Status History table displays the status history for the selected case, which includes the date of the change, the current status of the case, and any comments made at the time of that particular change.

3.   After viewing the history of the case, if necessary, update the status:

a.   Under Update Current Case Status, from the New Case Status list, select the appropriate status.

b.   Type any relevant Comments.

c.   If "Referred" is the selected New Case Status, click the Referred search button to select the doctor or specialist the patient is being referred to.

d.   Click Update to update the status of the case.

The status change now appears in the Case Status History table.

Note: You can also update the case status in the Treatment Plan Case Setup section.