Dentrix Enterprise

Treatment Case Report

You can print the Treatment Case Report for a specific case and customize the data that appears on the report.

To print the Treatment Case Report

1.   In the Treatment Planner, in the Treatment Plan Case Setup section on the Navigation panel, select the case of which you want to print a report.

2.   On the File menu, point to Print, and then click Print Treatment Case.

The Print Treatment Case dialog box appears.

3.   If you have a saved set of report options, you can load those options for running the report by selecting the desired set from the Select Report Options list; otherwise, leave "Default" selected.

Note: The options explained in steps 4 - 6 are available only to user accounts with the security right to "Print Treatment Plans, Setup."

4.   Set up or change the following options to indicate the information that you want to include on the report:

·        Print - Select the options that correspond to the information you want to include: Treatment Plan Total, Finance Status, Patient Balance, Family Balance, Fee Expiration Date, Treatment Case Note, Graphic Chart, and/or Signed Consent Forms.

·        Insurance - Select the options that correspond to the insurance information you want to exclude: Hide Dental Insurance Benefits, Hide Insurance Estimates, Hide Family Insurance Benefits. Also, you can select Use Dental Plan Maximums and Deductibles to include the amount of any deductibles applied.

·        Patient Privacy - Select the options that correspond to the patient information you want to exclude: Hide Patient SSN, Hide Patient Chart Number, and Hide Patient Birthday.

·        Case Procedure Options - Type a visit or range of visits (for example, 1, 3, 5-7) you want to include on the report in the Select Visits field, or leave "<ALL>" entered to include all visits.

Select the options that correspond to the visit-specific information you want to include: Print Subtotals by Visit, Use Patient Friendly Descriptions, Include Procedure Notes, and/or Exclude Completed Procedures.

You can include a comparison of the current fee schedule to a selected fee schedule. Select Compare to Fee Schedule, and then click the search button to select the fee schedule you want to compare to the current fee schedule.

You can click Select Columns to indicate which columns you want to display on the report: Date, Visit, Tooth, Surface, Procedure Code, Provider, Description, Fee, Patient Portion, Primary Insurance Portion, and/or Secondary Insurance Portion. (You can select and clear a check box or click the Hide and Show buttons with an item selected to include or exclude the selected column.)

·        Appearance Options - You can indicate what you want the report to look like: Tooth Style, Report Style, Header Style (the name you want to appear prominently on the report: Provider Name, Practice Name, or Patient Name), Website Address (of practice), E-mail Address (of practice), and Use Cover Page.

5.   If you want to save the currently selected report settings as a set, click Save Options to open the Save Options dialog box.

Type a name for the set of report options in the New Options Name field, and then click OK.

6.   If you want to edit or rename an existing set of report options, click Manage Options to open the Manage Saved Options dialog box.

You can perform the following functions:

·        Rename - Select a set, click Rename to make the name editable, type the new name, and then press TAB to apply the change or ENTER to apply the change and close the dialog box.

·        Delete - Select a set, click Delete, and then click Yes to confirm the deletion.

7.   If you want to preview the report before printing it, select Print Preview.

8.   Click OK to print or preview the report.