Dentrix Enterprise

Copying clinical notes to other programs

You can copy the text of your clinical notes to the Windows Clipboard and paste it into a document, such as a letter in a word processing program, or paste it into an insurance claim note or attachment.

To copy clinical notes to other programs

1.   With a patient selected in the Patient Chart, on the File menu, click Clinical Notes.

2.   The Clinical Notes window appears.

3.   Select the clinical note to be copied.

4.   Do one of the following:

·        Click the Copy Clinical Note button on the toolbar to copy the selected clinical note to the Windows Clipboard. (You will not see any notification that the copy has been completed.)

·        Highlight specific text in the selected clinical note, and then click the Copy button .

·        Click the Copy All Clinical Notes button to copy all clinical notes for the current patient

5.   Open the program in which you want to insert the note,such as Microsoft Word®, place your text cursor where you want to paste your note(s).

6.   From the program's Edit menu, click Paste. If an paste menu option is not available, you can insert the note by pressing Ctrl+V on your keyboard.