Dentrix Enterprise

Creating clinical note templates

You can create clinical note templates to use for adding clinical notes.

Note: Only users with security rights to "Clinical Notes, Template Setup" can create clinical note templates.

To create a clinical note template

1.   With a patient selected in the Patient Chart, on the File menu, click Clinical Notes.

The Clinical Notes window appears.

2.   Click the Template Setup button .

The Template Setup dialog box appears.

3.   Click New Template.

The New Clinical Note Template dialog box appears.

4.   Select a Category.

5.   In the Template Name field, type a name for the template.

6.   If applicable, select prompts for the clinical note.

7.   If you want to change the order of the prompts, under Clinical Note Prompts, select a prompt, and then click Move Up or Move Down to move the prompt up or down by one item in the list.

8.   In the Clinical Note Text field, type a clinical note. Also, you can click the Check Spelling button to check the spelling of the note text (this button is available only if a certain preference setting has been enabled).

To add a prompt in the note where the text cursor is located, select a prompt from the list, and then click Insert Prompt in Text.

Tip: Make sure you leave a space before and after the inserted prompt name so that the completed clinical note will be displayed properly.

9.   Click OK.