Dentrix Enterprise

Adding an addendum to a clinical note

You cannot edit a locked clinical note (a note that has been placed into history after the month-end process, has been signed or approved, or has been locked automatically, according to a certain global setting). However, you can add an addendum to a clinical note that has been locked.

To add an addendum to a clinical note

1.   With a patient selected in the Patient Chart, on the File menu, click Clinical Notes.

The Clinical Notes window appears.

2.   Select the locked clinical note to which you want to add an addendum.

3.   Click the New Addendum button . This button is only available if the selected note is signed, in history, or otherwise locked.

The New Addendum dialog box appears.

4.   Type the text of the addendum, and/or use a note template to enter text. The addendum and the clinical note to which you are attaching that addendum together cannot exceed 8,000 characters.

You can click the Check Spelling button to check the spelling of the note text (this button is available only if a certain preference setting has been enabled).

5.   Click OK.

A confirmation message appears.

6.   Click Yes to append the note.