Dentrix Enterprise

Printing questionnaires

A questionnaire can be printed when a patient arrives for an appointment. The printed questionnaire will list information that has been previously entered, including patient information, referral information, spouse or guarantor information, employment information, insurance information, and any answers that have been entered in the Patient Questionnaire module for a patient. The patient can then correct those entries that are inaccurate and add any information not currently known.

A questionnaire can be printed from any Dentrix Enterprise module except the Office Manager. New patients with appointments who do not yet have Family File records must have a Family File record created before a questionnaire can be printed.

To print a questionnaire

1.   In the Appointment Book, with a patient's appointment selected, from the File menu, click Patient Questionnaire.

The Patient Questionnaire History dialog box appears and displays any questionnaires that were entered previously for the patient.

2.   From the Select Questionnaire list, select the questionnaire you want to print for the patient.

3.   Click New.

The selected questionnaire opens.

4.   Click a print button:

·        Print

a.   Click Print.

The Print dialog box appears.

b.   Select a printer.

c.   Click Print to print the questionnaire.

The questionnaire has two pages: the first page one contains basic patient information, such as name, address, employer, insurance information, and referral sources; the second page contains your customized questions. Any information previously entered into Dentrix Enterprise prints on the form.

d.   The patient fills in the blanks and makes corrections as needed.

·        Print Questions

a.   Click Print Questions.

The Print dialog box appears.

b.   Select a printer.

c.   Click Print to print

A summary of patient information and your customized questions are printed.