Dentrix Enterprise

Entering questionnaire responses

Once a patient has completed a questionnaire, the information can be stored in Dentrix Enterprise.

To input questionnaire responses from a patient

1.   From any module (except the Office Manager), select a patient; or, from the Appointment Book, select a patient's appointment.

The Patient Questionnaire History dialog box appears and displays any questionnaires that were entered previously for the patient.

2.   From the Select Questionnaire list, select the questionnaire you want the patient to fill out.

3.   Click New to add a questionnaire, or, with an existing questionnaire selected, click Edit to edit that questionnaire.

You cannot add a questionnaire that has already been entered on the current system date, but it can be edited.

The Patient Questionnaire dialog box appears.

4.   Double-click the first question listed.

The Patient Questionnaire Response dialog box appears.

5.   Select or type the appropriate patient response.

6.   Click Next to advance to the next question.

7.   Repeat steps 5 - 6 for all questions on the questionnaire.

8.   To review and/or change previous answers, click Back.

9.   Click OK to save the patient responses and return to the Patient Questionnaire dialog box.

Responses will be displayed on the right side of the list box.

10. Click Close to close the Patient Questionnaire dialog box.

11. Click Close to close the Patient Questionnaire History dialog box.