Dentrix Enterprise

Viewing medical alert history

You can view the history of a patient's problems (medical conditions), medications/prescriptions, and allergies, and implantable devices as needed.

To view medical alert history

1.   Do one of the following:

·        With a patient selected in the Family File, double-click the Medical Alerts block, or click the button in that block.

·        With a patient selected in the Patient Chart, from the File menu click Medical Alerts.

·        In a patient's Treatment Planner, from the File menu, click Medical Alerts.

·        With a patient's appointment selected in the Appointment Book, right-click that appointment, click Medical Alerts/Notes to open the Medical Alerts/Notes dialog box, and then click Edit. Or, with an appointment selected, from the File menu, click Medical Alerts.

The Medical Alerts dialog box appears.

2.   Click the Show Alert History button .

The Medical Alerts History dialog box appears.

For each entry in the list, the following information for that medical alert is displayed: description, alert type, change made (added, deleted, modified, inactivated, or activated), date of the change, user who made the change, and clinic where the change was made.

3.   Select an item to view Patient Notes and the Changes that were made to the selected medical alert entry. Repeat as needed.

4.   When you are finished viewing the medical alert history, click Close.