Dentrix Enterprise

Letters, labels, and cards overview

With Dentrix Enterprise, you can create custom reports and letters. Information from the Dentrix Enterprise database can be merged into a Microsoft Word® document or used to create a data file for use in spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel®.

Dentrix Enterprise provides an interface between your patient database and Microsoft Word. This tool allows you to create any letters that are applicable to the success and development of your practice. Your patient records can be automatically merged into your letters, based on various ranges, parameters, and filters that you specify.

Dentrix Enterprise comes complete with pre-defined document templates in seven categories that you can use and modify in conjunction with your patient database. Each document template can be customized using Microsoft Word. You can also produce your own templates and add them to any of the categories for future use.

To use with feature, you must have a legally licensed version of Microsoft Word and be completely familiar with its use and merge functions. If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft Word, please refer to the user documentation for that program.

To learn more about using Microsoft Word with Dentrix Enterprise for letter merges, click any of the following links:

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·        Adding document templates

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·        Filter and data options

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·        Custom document templates

·        Default document templates

·        Document merge fields

·        Letters

·        Merging Dentrix Enterprise letters

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·        Labels

·        Merging Dentrix Enterprise labels

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·        Cards

·        Creating appointment reminder cards

·        Creating cards for patients without appointments