Dentrix Enterprise

Practice Definitions

Dentrix Enterprise provides several "practice definitions" and allows user-definable entries for each. These practice definitions, in addition to other features, can help you customize Dentrix Enterprise for your specific needs.

You can add and edit practice definitions.

Important: Before you customize definitions, read the following recommendations carefully:

·        While Dentrix Enterprise will allow you to customize definitions at any time, it is best to customize only definitions that have not yet been assigned to patients in order to avoid potential problems.

·        Dentrix Enterprise assigns the definition number to a patient, not the customizable description. Modifying the text description of a definition will change that definition for all patients to whom the definition has been assigned. For example, several patients are assigned Medical Alert 13 - Hay Fever. Later, Medical Alert 13 is customized and changed to Pregnancy. Those patients previously assigned Medical Alert 13: Hay Fever, will still have Medical Alert 13, but it will now show as Pregnancy in their file.

·        Before deleting a definition, try changing the existing description to a new, more useful description. Deleting a definition can cause skips in the definition numbering sequence and these skips can lead to data corruption. For example, if the appointment status 4 - Patient has Arrived will not be used in your office, you can change it to a more useful definition such as, Left Message.

·        With the exception of Medical Alerts, definitions are listed in numerical order. As a result, the first definition serves as a default selection for most definition types. Be sure to make the most commonly used definition the first definition in the list.

To customize a practice definition

1.   In the Office Manager, from the Maintenance menu, point to Practice Setup, and then click Definitions.

The Practice Definitions dialog box appears.

2.   Select a Definition Type:

·        Adjustment Types

·        Allergen Type

·        Allergies

·        Allergy Reaction

·        Alternate Procedure Code Names

·        Appointment Check List

·        Appointment Break Reasons

·        Appointment Reasons

·        Appointment Status

·        Approval Status

·        Appointment Types

·        Billing Types

·        Blood Type

·        Claim Format

·        Claim Resubmit Reason

·        Continuing Care Status

·        Custom Links

·        Custom Notes

·        Dental Diagnostic Code Categories

·        Document Center Error Types

·        Ethnicity

·        Financial Class Types

·        Gender Identity

·        Homeless Status

·        Housing Status

·        Income Recurrence

·        Language Category

·        Medical Alerts/Problems

·        Medical Alert or Allergen Severity

·        Medications

·        Paint Types

·        Patient Tags

·        Payment Types

·        Poverty Level

·        PQRI Registries

·        Procedure Code Categories

·        Provider ID Codes

·        Provider Specialties

·        Race

·        Referral Specialties

·        Referral Status

·        Religion

·        RVU Schedule Names

·        Sexual Orientation

·        Treatment Request Status

·        Treatment Request Type

·        User Defined Patient Category

·        UDS Veteran

·        Worker Status

3.   Add, edit, and delete the corresponding definitions as needed.

Tip: Since there can be an unlimited number of definitions for Medical Alerts, Allergies, and Medications, the Definition Search field (below the Definition Text field) is available only for those definition types to make finding any corresponding definition easy.