Dentrix Enterprise

Creating and editing patient questionnaires

You can create and edit patient questionnaires to collect information from patients.

To create or edit a patient questionnaire

1.   In the Office Manager, from the Maintenance menu, point to Practice Setup, and then click Patient Questionnaire Setup.

The Patient Questionnaires dialog box appears.

2.   Do one of the following:

·        Click New to create a new questionnaire.

·        Select an existing questionnaire, and then click Edit to edit that questionnaire.

The Questionnaire Setup dialog box appears.

3.   Type or change the Questionnaire Title.

4.   Add, edit, and/or delete a statement/question:

a.   Click New to add a statement/question. Or, select an existing statement/question and then click Edit to edit the statement/question.

The Statement/Question for Questionnaire dialog box appears.

b.   Questions and statements can appear on the patient questionnaire. Questions ask the patient to provide information. Statements provide the patient with information (such as instructions for completing the form). Statements will be displayed and printed, but a response will not be entered for these items. Type the text for a statement or question as you want it to appear on the patient questionnaire form. Remember to include appropriate capitalization and punctuation.

c.   Click the appropriate text type:

·        Display Text Only - Use for statements.

·        Note/Explanation - Use with questions that require a note or explanation. You can type the default note or explanation.

·        Number/Amount - Use with questions that require a number be used in the answer. You can type the default number.

·        Yes/No - Use with questions that will be answered either yes or no. You can select the default answer.

·        Date - Use with questions that will be answered with a date. You can type the default date.

d.   Click OK to save the question/statement.

5.   Repeat step 4 for any other statements or questions that need to be added to your questionnaire.

6.   If you need to change the type of statement or question (for example, from a Note/Explanation to a Date), delete the statement/question, and then re-enter it.

7.   If you need to delete a statement/question, select that statement/question, and then click Delete.

A confirmation message appears. (If the statement/question has been assigned to a patient, a message appears and warns you that, if you delete the statement/question, the patient responses will also be deleted and that, if you continue with the deletion, all information pertaining to the question will be removed from all patient questionnaires that have been entered.)

Click Yes to delete the statement/question.

8.   If you want to arrange the order of statement/questions for your questionnaire, select a statement/question, and then click Move Up or Move Down to move the statement/question one line in the desired direction. Repeat as many times as necessary to position the statement/question in the desired location.

9.   Click OK to save the questionnaire and return to the Patient Questionnaires dialog box.

10. Click Close.