Dentrix Enterprise

Adding and editing continuing care types

You can add or edit the default continuing care types that you assign to patients.

To add or edit a continuing care type

1.   In the Office Manager, from the Maintenance menu, point to Practice Setup > Continuing Care, and then click Continuing Care Setup.

The Continuing Care Setup dialog box appears.

2.   Do one of the following:

·        To add a continuing care type, click New. The New Continuing Care Type dialog box appears.

·        To edit an existing continuing care type, select that type, and then click Edit. The Edit Continuing Care Type dialog box appears.

3.   Set up the following options:

·        Type - Type an abbreviated name for this type of continuing care between four to 12 characters in length, and type it in all capital letters.

·        Description - Type a more complete description of this continuing care type up to 30 alphanumeric characters in length. This description will be used on continuing care reminder cards, so pay special attention to spelling, punctuation, etc.

·        Initial Status - Select a status. Statuses are used in the Continuing Care List to indicate the last contact made with the patient regarding continuing care. Continuing care statuses can be setup in Practice Definitions.

·        Interval - The Interval indicates how often the patient should be recalled for treatment or follow-up. Specify the number of days, weeks, months, or years for the interval. Check +1 Day if the interval needs to be extended an extra day to prevent insurance billing problems for insured patients with strict interval requirements.

·        Provider - If you want the provider of continuing care appointments to be the patient's primary provider by default, click Prov1. If you want the provider of continuing care appointments to be the patient's assigned secondary provider, click prov2.

·        Default Appt. Time - If you want to specify the amount of time a patient will need for appointments with this continuing care type attached, select Time?, and then set up the appointment time patterns:

a.   Click Set Time.

The Appointment Time Pattern dialog box appears.

b.   Drag the slider to set the amount of time needed to complete this continuing care visit. The time is displayed in units. (One unit is equal to the time block size you chose when setting up the clinic in the Appointment Book.) Clicking the right arrow will add a unit, and clicking the left arrow will subtract a unit.

c.   The box below each unit defaults to an X. Click the box to change what appears inside it. The status of the box represents who is providing care to the patient during the continuing care visit:

An X represents the provider's time.

A single slash represents the assistant's time.

Clear represents chair time.

These assignments can be used while scheduling appointments and can help you to maximize your productivity and the use of all operatories.

d.   Click OK to save the time pattern.

If you indicate a specific amount of time, the time set will automatically display when scheduling a new appointment for this continuing care type, allowing you to set the appointment time accurately.

·        Display Color - You can choose to display this recall type in a certain color. Click Set Color to open the Color dialog box. Select the color you want and then click OK. The "Sample Text Color" button label will appear in the color you selected. Later, when viewing the Continuing Care list, this recall type will appear in the color you selected. Be sure to pick a color that will contrast with a white background.

4.   Click OK. Changes made to the Continuing Care type will not affect patients that have had the type assigned previously.