Dentrix Enterprise

Running the month-end update

Running the month-end update is a crucial management routine. It is recommended that you perform this update each month. The month-end update completes many maintenance tasks important to getting accurate patient data quickly:

·        Aging account balances - Close each month so that account balances will not remain current on your aging reports.

·        Moving procedures to history - All procedures posted during the month being closed will be moved into history, locking out changes and deletions.

·        Creating totals records - To speed report generation, Dentrix Enterprise creates a monthly totals record each time a month is closed. Without this monthly record, Dentrix Enterprise must calculate analysis information each time a report is generated, which can greatly slow the report generation process.

·        Resetting insurance benefits (optional) - For all patients who have dental insurance coverage that resets during the month being updated, the benefits used and deductible applied amounts will be reset.

You cannot close out the current month. You must wait until the first day of the next month before Dentrix Enterprise will allow you to close out that month (for example, you cannot close out the month of June until the first day of July).

To run the month-end update

1.   Close all Dentrix Enterprise modules on all computers before continuing.

Tip: To view a list of users who are currently logged on to Dentrix Enterprise, in the Office Manager, on the Maintenance menu, click Database User List.

2.   From the server, back up of your Dentrix Enterprise database.

3.   Open the Ledger on one computer.

4.   Switch to single-user mode from the Office Manager.

5.   On the Month End menu, click Update.

The Close Out Month dialog box appears.

Dentrix Enterprise requires that months be closed out in chronological order. Dentrix Enterprise will display the correct month to be closed out in the Close Out Month field. This date cannot be edited.

6.   The Reset Insurance Benefits for [month] option will reset all dental insurance plans whose benefit renewal month is the month following the Close Out Month. If you do not want to reset insurance benefits, clear the check box.

7.   Select Disable Audit Triggers During Month End Proc. to speed up the month end process.

8.   Click OK to start the update.

The amount of time required to run the update depends on many factors, including the processor speed of your server. However, a very important factor in the speed of the utility is the amount of information already in history. If you wait to close out the month, leaving two to three months current at a time, the update has more data to process and will take more time to run. Running the update monthly will reduce the time required considerably, as Dentrix Enterprise has less data to sort through.

9.   Turn off single-user mode from the Office Manager.