Dentrix Enterprise

Adding medical consultation notes

You can manage medical consultation notes for any patient in the Family File. You can add notes to a patient for any medical consultations that are required.

To add a medical consultation note

1.   With a patient selected in the Family File, on the File menu, click Medical Consultation.

The Medical Consultation dialog box appears.

2.   Click New to add a note.

The fields become available.

3.   Type the following information:

·        Requested Date - The current system date is entered by default, but can be changed to the correct date of the medical consultation request. You can only have one note per requested date.

·        Released Date - When you want to indicate that a medical consultation was done, type the date of the consultation. If no release date entered, you cannot open the Ledger or Patient Chart for the patient currently selected or select the patient in the Ledger or Patient Chart to post procedures. Also if no release date is entered, you cannot schedule appointments for the patient in the Appointment Book.

·        Medical Consultation Note - Type notes relevant to the medical consultation.

Note: You can click the Check Spelling button to check the spelling of the note text (this button is available only if a certain preference setting has been enabled).

4.   Click OK.

A confirmation message appears.

5.   Click Yes.