Dentrix Enterprise

Adding contacts

You can add multiple contacts to a patient's Family File record, such as an emergency contact or the next of kin.

To add a contact

1.   In the Head-of-House Information dialog box or the Patient Information dialog box, click Contact Info.

The Patient Contact Information dialog box appears.

The contacts currently associated with the patient appear.

2.   Click Add.

The Add New Contact Information dialog box appears.

3.   Set up the following options:

·        Relationship Type �" Select the type of relationship for the contact, such as Emergency or Next Of Kin.

·        Contact Relationship �" Select the relationship that the contact has with the patient.

·        Effective Date �"  Type or select the effective date of this contact for the patient, if known.

·        Name �" Type the contact's name.

·        Address �" Type the contact's street address, city, state, ZIP Code, and country.

·        Phone �" Type the contact's phone number.

4.   Click Save.