Dentrix Enterprise

Assigning continuing care

As you schedule and reschedule a patient for a specific type of continuing care (such as an exam, a cleaning, or X-rays) with the appropriate continuing care flag assigned to it, Dentrix Enterprise automatically attaches that continuing care type to the patient and updates it accordingly. However, you can assign a continuing care type to a patient's record manually, such as to get the patient's record ready before his or her appointment or to correct a situation where continuing care is not attached to the patient's record after his or her appointment.

To assign a continuing care type to a patient

1.   With a patient selected in the Family File, double-click the Cont. Care block.

The Patient Continuing Care dialog box appears.

2.   Select the continuing care type that you want to set.

3.   Click Set. (If the selected continuing care type is already set for the patient, the Date column for the continuing care type contains a date, and the Set button is labeled "Edit.")

The Set Continuing Care dialog box appears.

4.   Customize any of the following options as needed:

·        Due Date - To set the interval for the patient's continuing care, do the following:

a.   Click the Due Date search button .

The Set Interval dialog box appears.

b.   Change the interval to reflect the amount of time that elapses between the patient's continuing care visits. Select +1 Day to extend the interval an extra day to prevent insurance billing problems for patients with strict interval requirements.

Note: Dentrix Enterprise calculates the Due Date automatically relative to today's date, according to the specified interval. If necessary, you can type another date.

c.   Click OK.

·        Prior Treatment Date - You can change the date of the patient's last continuing care visit.

Note: Dentrix Enterprise updates this date automatically when the patient is seen for an appointment with this continuing care type attached.

·        Status - To assign a continuing care status to the patient, select the desired status. Statuses are relevant primarily when you generate continuing care lists.

·        Provider - To assign the patient's primary provider as the provider of appointments for this continuing care type, select Prov1. To assign the patient's secondary provider as the provider of appointments for this continuing care type, select Prov2.

·        Default Appt. Time - To enter the amount of time this patient will need for appointments with this continuing care type attached, do the following:

a.   Select Time?.

b.   Click Set Time to specify the number of scheduling units and the appointment time pattern.

c.   Drag the slider to change the number of time units needed to complete the procedure. One unit is equal to the time block size specified when setting up the clinic in the Appointment Book. Clicking the right arrow will add a unit, and clicking the left arrow will subtract a unit.

d.   The white box below each unit you add defaults to an X. You can click the box or any of the other boxes to change what appears inside it. The status of the box represents who is providing care to the patient during the procedure:

An X represents the provider's time.

A single slash represents the assistant's time.

Blank represents chair time.

Tip: Specifying a time pattern can help you make use of all operatories when scheduling appointments and maximize your productivity.

e.   Click OK.

·        Motivational Note - You can type a personal note that will print on continuing care cards for this patient. Click the Check Spelling button to check the spelling of the note text (this button is available only if you enabled a certain preference setting).

5.   Click OK.

6.   Repeat steps 2 - 5 for any other continuing care types that you want to set for the patient.