Dentrix Enterprise

Working with previewed reports

When a report is generated, the report appears in the Report Preview window.

Printing reports

To print the displayed report, click the Print Report button on the toolbar to open the Print dialog box. All installed Windows printers are listed. The Windows default printer is selected by default, but you can select a different printer. To send the print job to the selected printer, click Print.

Note: If the desired printer is not listed, it has not been properly set up for printing in Windows. For assistance with installing a printer in Windows, contact your system technician.

Exporting reports

To export the report, click the Export Report button on the toolbar to open the Export Report dialog box, select where you want to save the file, enter a File name, select the desired Save as type (.rpt, .pdf, .csv, .xls, data-only .xls, data-only .xlsx, .doc, editable Word® .rtf, .rtf, or .xml), and then click Save.

Controlling the zoom

To change the zoom percentage of the report, drag the slider to the desired percentage (the default is 100%). You can also, click the Fit to Width or Full Page button.

Navigating pages

For a multiple-page report, click the Go to Previous Page or the Go to Next Page button to navigate one page at a time. To navigate to the first or last page of a multiple-page report, click the down arrow next to the last page number to open a menu, and then click Go to First Page or Go to Last Page.

Searching for text

To specify if you want to perform a case-sensitive or a whole-word search, click the down arrow next to the Type the text to find box, and then select Match Case and/or Match Whole Word. An active filter has a check mark next to it; clicking an option with a check mark removes that filter. Next, in the Type the text to find box, enter the text to search for on the page currently being viewed, and then press Enter. The first matching text on the page has a red box around it. Continue pressing Enter to find other matches. If no matches are found, the search box's background color changes to orange.

Copying Text

To copy selected text to the Clipboard, search for or click to select some text (a red box appears around it), and then click the Copy button .