Dentrix Enterprise

Scheduling report jobs

In DXOne Reporting, you can schedule reports to be automatically generated and sent to email recipients on a daily, weekly, monthly, or one time basis. For a scheduled report to be generated, the database server must be turned on, the report scheduling service must be installed and running on the report server, and the report server must be configured on a computer from which you want to schedule report jobs.

To schedule a report job

1.   In DXOne Reporting, select the report category, and then double-click the report that you want to schedule.

A report options dialog box appears.

2.   Set up the report options as needed, and then click Schedule.

The Schedule Report dialog box appears.

3.   In the Job Name box, enter a name for the scheduled report to help you identify that scheduled report more easily in the Manage Scheduled Jobs dialog box.

4.   Under Report Generation, select the Email Report To check box to send email messages to people. Click To, CC, or Bcc to open the address book. Any email addresses entered previously appear. Select the desired recipient's address or group in the list box on the left, and then click the To, CC, or Bcc button to move the address to the corresponding list box. Click OK.

Tip: If the address does not appear in this dialog box, click Manage Accounts to add the email address.

5.   Select the desired File Format of the generated report. The file will be attached to the email messages that get sent to the specified recipients of the scheduled report.

6.   Under Recurrence, select how often you want the report to be generated:

·        One Time - Select to generate the report once.

·        Daily - Select to generate the report every specified number of days or every week day. Select Every [number of] day(s), and then enter the number of days in the box; or, click Every Weekday.

·        Weekly - Select to generate the report every specified number of weeks and on specified days. Type the number of weeks in the Recur Every [number of] week(s) on field, and then select the desired days of the week.

·        Monthly - Select to generate the report every specified number of months on a specified day of the month Select a day, and type the number of months in the of every [number of] month(s).

·        Template Only - Select to schedule the report and save it as a template for future use. You are not required to specify an email recipient. Also, you will see the report's name and job name (if entered) in the Managed Scheduled Jobs dialog box.

7.   Under Timing, specify when to generate the report. In the Start Date and Time box, enter the date and time that you want to begin generating the report. In the End by box, enter the date and time that you want to stop automatically generating the report, or select No End Date to continue generating the report until the report is manually deleted from the scheduled jobs list. The End by and No End Date options are not available if One Time is selected as the recurrence pattern.

8.   Click Schedule.