Dentrix Enterprise

Appointment Book day notes

You can attach important information directly to a date. You can create an Appointment Book day note for any day of the year (for example, you can create reminders to order supplies, to call a school about a hygiene class, or to attend a dental society meeting).

Changing these notes affects all users on all computers. Also, you can print the day note on the Appointment Book View Report.

To add, edit, or delete an Appointment Book day note

1.   In the Appointment Book, click the Note icon located in the upper-left corner of the schedule.

Note: If a note already exists for the day being viewed currently, the Note icon has a yellow background .

The Appointment Book Note dialog box appears.

2.   Do any of the following:

·        Type a new note or reminder for the day, or edit the existing note as needed.

·        To check the spelling of the note text, click the spell check button (this button is available only if you enabled a certain preference setting).

·        To clear the entire note for the day, click Clear.

3.   Click OK.