Dentrix Enterprise

Filling open appointment times from the ASAP List

Many times a patient wants an appointment sooner than your next available time. With Dentrix Enterprise, you can flag their appointment as ASAP (As Soon As Possible) and offer to call them if an appointment time becomes available. Appointments that have been flagged as ASAP appear on the ASAP List. The ASAP List allows you to accommodate the patient's request and benefits your office by providing a list of patients who can fill openings that become available in an otherwise full schedule.

In addition to providing you with names of patients who can fill open appointment times, the interactive nature of the ASAP List makes it simple to contact a patient and then create or move an appointment as needed.

To fill an opening using the ASAP List

1.   In the Appointment Book, on the Appt Lists menu, point to ASAP List, and then click either Current Clinic (to view appointments for the clinic currently being viewed) or All Clinics (to view appointments for all clinics).

The ASAP List View dialog box appears.

2.   Set up any of the following filters as needed:

·        By Provider/By Operatory - To have only the appointments assigned to a certain provider or operatory appear in the list, select the desired provider or operatory; otherwise, leave View All selected to see appointments for all providers in all operatories for the displayed date range.

·        Span of Search - Type a number in the Days field to specify how many days worth of appointments into the future you want to have appear on the list. To use that number of days for the next time you view the list, click Save setting.

·        Type of Search - Leave ASAP selected. However, if you wanted to view the Open List instead of the ASAP List, this is where you would choose to do so.

3.   Click OK.

The ASAP List window appears.

4.   Use the list to start contacting patients.

5.   If a patient can fill the opening, double-click their name on the list to view their appointment information.

6.   To quickly reschedule the appointment, click Pin Board to put it on the Pinboard. Then, drag the appointment to the open time slot.