Dentrix Enterprise

Breaking appointments

You can delete appointments in the Appointment Book, and there are legitimate reasons to do so. However, if the appointment was not scheduled by mistake, you should break the appointment when a patient doesn't show up for or cancels their appointment, or, if for some reason, your office has to cancel the appointment. Breaking an appointment does not just remove it from the schedule, Dentrix Enterprise puts the appointment on the Unscheduled List, which you can use to track missed and canceled appointments and try to get them rescheduled. Regularly using the Unscheduled List can help prevent broken appointments from being forgotten. Additionally, when you try to schedule an appointment for a patient with a broken appointment, Dentrix Enterprise displays a message that states that the patient has a broken appointment and prompts you to reschedule it.

Also, breaking an appointment updates the Missed Appt field in the patient's Family File and adds an Office Journal entry. This allows you to keep track of patients who frequently break appointments, so you can take appropriate actions to address the issue.


Note: You can also put an appointment on the Unscheduled List by flagging it as "Wait/Will Call."

To break an appointment

1.   In the Appointment Book, select an appointment.

2.   From the File menu, click Break Appointment.

The Break Appointment dialog box appears.

3.   Select the Reason that you are breaking the appointment. You can customize the reasons in the Practice Definitions dialog box.

4.   Click OK.

Dentrix Enterprise moves the appointment from the Appointment Book window to the Unscheduled List and updates the last missed appointment information in the Family File to reflect the date the patient broke the appointment and the number of times the patient has broken appointments.