Dentrix Enterprise

Setting up a clinic

You can customize your practice hours, certain appointment defaults, and the scheduling intervals (time blocks) used throughout Dentrix Enterprise.

Note: Changing the clinic setup information affects all computers.

To setup a clinic

1.   In the Appointment Book, on the Setup menu, click Clinic Setup.

The Clinic Appointment Book Setup dialog box appears.

2.   Select a Clinic. By default, this is the clinic that you are currently logged in to.

3.   Select the check box next to each day of the week that you are normally open.

4.   Set working hours for each selected day:

a.   Click the day's search button .

The Set Time Limits dialog box appears.

You can break each day into three time ranges. The default for each day is 8:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

b.   To change a time range, click the search button next to the desired Start Time or End Time field.

The Select Time dialog box appears.

c.   To change the time, click the left arrow button to decrease the time or the right arrow button to increase the time. Click between the slider and the left arrow to decrease the time one hour at a time. Click between the slider and the right arrow to increase the time one hour at a time.

d.   Click OK.

e.   Repeat steps b - d for all other start and end times that you want to change.

f.   Click OK.

g.   Repeat steps a - f for all other work days.

5.   Under Default Appt. Settings, select the defaults for each new appointment: Status, Schedule (Fixed, Open, or ASAP), and Type.

6.   The Appointment Book displays available scheduling time in a different color from the office closed time. By default, Dentrix Enterprise displays available time in light yellow and closed time in light gray.

·        To modify the available schedule time color, under Screen Color, click the colored button next to Office Open. The Colors dialog box appears. Choose the desired color, and then click OK.

·        To modify the closed time color, under Screen Color, click the colored button next to Office Closed. The Colors dialog box appears. Choose the desired color, and then click OK.

·        Dentrix Enterprise users typically find that the default color choices are easiest to read. If you have modified the color options and want to reset them to the original colors, click Default Colors.

7.   You can schedule your appointments in 5-minute, 10-minute, 15-minute, 20-minute, or 30-minute intervals. Under Time Block Size, select the time block size option that fits the scheduling needs of your practice.

Tip: You use time blocks when setting up procedure codes to specify how long a procedure will take to complete. Dentrix Enterprise stores this information in units, not actual time; as a result, changing the time block size changes the allocated time for your procedure. For example, if your practice uses 10-minute time blocks, a procedure that takes 60 minutes needs 6 units (6 X 10 = 60). However, if you then change the time block size to 15 minutes, the procedure still uses 6 units, but instead of being 60 minutes, the procedure is now 90 minutes (6 X 15 = 90). You would need to adjust the procedure's settings to use 4 units to return the procedure to its 60-minute allocation (4 X 15 = 60).

8.   Under Button Bar Orientation, specify where you want to position the toolbar:

·        To position the toolbar near the top of the window, select Horizontal.

·        To position the  toolbar along the left edge of the window, select Vertical.

9.   To display the time column on the right side of the window in addition to the left side, select View Time at Right.

10. Click OK.