Dentrix Enterprise

Appointment List

The Appointment List displays all appointments scheduled in the Appointment Book for a selected date. As a useful tool to confirm appointments, the Appointment List displays the time, status, name of patient, provider, operatory, reason, length, and patient phone number for the appointment.

To open and utilize the Appointment List

1.   In the Appointment Book, on the Appt Lists menu, point to Appt List, and then click either Current Clinic (to view appointments for the clinic currently being viewed) or All Clinics (to view appointments for all clinics).

The Appointment List View dialog box appears.

2.   Under By Provider and By Operatory, to have only the appointments assigned to a certain provider or operatory appear in the list, select the desired provider or operatory; otherwise, leave View All selected to see appointments for all providers in all operatories.

3.   Click OK.

The Appointment List window appears, displaying all scheduled appointments for the current date.

4.   Perform any of the following tasks:

·        To see more information regarding an appointment or to make changes to an appointment, double-click it to open the Appointment Information dialog box.

·        To move back one day at a time or forward one day at a time, click the left or right arrow button . To select a specific date, click the calendar button to open the Select Date dialog box.

·        To filter the appointments in the list by provider or operatory, on the menu bar, click View to open the Appointment List View dialog box.

·        To move a selected appointment to the Pinboard for quick rescheduling, on the Appt menu, click Move Appointment to Pinboard.

·        To break a selected appointment and move it to the Unscheduled List, on the Appt menu, click Break Appointment.

·        To delete a selected appointment permanently, on the Appt menu, click Delete Appointment.

·        To copy the displayed list to the Windows Clipboard so that you can paste the information into other Windows programs, on the Appt menu, click Copy to Clipboard.

·        When confirming a selected appointment, on the Status menu, select the appropriate status type to indicate the last contact with the patient.

·        To open the Office Journal of the patient that corresponds to a selected appointment, on the menu bar, click Office Journal.