Dentrix Enterprise

Dentrix Enterprise overview

Dentrix Enterprise is a clinical and practice management program that helps you manage a wide range of information, including patient demographics, clinical details, and production analysis.

Dentrix Enterprise was created specifically for offices with large or multi-location databases, such as universities and career dental organizations. Dentrix Enterprise can boost staff productivity, enhance professionalism, increase collections, help keep your chairs full, and improve your bottom line. From front desk to operatory, Dentrix Enterprise provides profitable integration solutions.

Dentrix Enterprise includes five main modules. Each module can help you manage specific types of information:

·        Family File - The Family File module can help you manage patient and insurance information. In the Family File, you can keep track of a patient's name, address, employer, insurance information, notes, and continuing care (recare or recall), and other important information.

·        Appointment Book - The Appointment Book module can help you manage appointments and maximize production by using visual, goal-oriented scheduling. In the Appointment Book, you can make changes to scheduled appointments easily and reschedule appointments by dragging them. Convenient toolbars and flip tabs help you navigate through the Appointment Book, search for open times, organize appointments and notes, record broken appointments, and print route slips. Also, you can clearly see the times when a clinic is closed and when a provider is unavailable.

·        Patient Chart - The Patient Chart module can help you manage the clinical information of patients. In the Patient Chart, you can post existing, completed, and recommended procedures. Additionally, you can keep extensive and detailed notes regarding patient care in the Patient Chart.

·        Ledger - The Ledger module helps you manage the financial information of patients. When you set procedures complete from the Patient Chart or Appointment Book, Dentrix Enterprise automatically posts those procedures in the Ledger. The Ledger contains a record of all financial transactions entered into Dentrix Enterprise, including charges, payments, and adjustments. You can create claims and pre-treatment estimates in the Ledger. The Ledger also provides you with information concerning patient portions versus insurance portions, deductibles owed, and payment arrangements.

·        Office Manager - The Office Manager offers useful, customizable reports and lists (reports are also available in the DXOne Reporting module). The Office Manager works with Microsoft Word to help you create effective, professional-looking letters: welcome letters, congratulatory letters, thank-you notes, a variety of appointment and continuing care reminders, progress reports, and collection notices. Additionally, the Office Manager contains a set of utilities that you can use to customize Dentrix Enterprise to fit your needs.

Dentrix Enterprise also has other components, features, and add-ons.